See what’s coming in & going out.

Get real-time updates on your business’s financial transactions and bank balance, right in Slack.

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Don’t waste time in bank accounts

Stop monitoring your bank for transactions. Get real-time updates through Slack.

"I was wasting hours each month in our 4 bank accounts just to check if transactions had hit or not before Balance Bunny.”

Jeremy Cai, CEO

A finance team’s best friend

See what’s really happening in your bank to catch any odd activity early on.

"Balance Bunny helped us catch a vendor that was quietly charging us even though we had cancelled months ago.”

Kati Holland, CEO
Intuitive onboarding

Fully operational in 5 minutes

Sync in your bank accounts and choose what updates you want to receive—that’s it.

"We were up and running on Balance Bunny in less than 2 minutes. It’s a no brainer”

Sisun Lee, CEO

Enterprise-grade partners

We partner with Plaid to authenticate and securely store our certificates on AWS.

"Seeing live transactions come in and out in real-time is a relief for my accounting team.”

Shrav Mehta, CEO

Supported Partners

We partner with First Republic, SVB, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, TD Bank, US Bank, Citi, Capital One, USAA, BBVA.